Post 491 Forgiveness

Forgiveness is yet another form of self-sacrifice if the issue has not been truly healed and you are forcing yourself to forgive another, so that you can put the issue behind you, and move on with your life. When you get to the part of your healing journey where you want to forgive another, you need to look beneath the denials and guilt to find that it’s not about forgiving the other person, but about taking responsinbilty for your denials and re-actions and forgiving yourself for the choices you made. When you can forgive yourself, and then make the chocie to end your denials, you will also see that the other person that caused what you consider harm, was actually reflecting your own denials to help you heal your emotions and issues. While you may consider people that don’t harm, or activate you, your friends, it is your enemy that is your real friend, as they are helping you heal your issues. Those who you call friends would not challenge or activate you by saying or doing things they know would offend you as then, you would no longer consider them friends and you would abandon them. So to be a friend, they need to deny being real, and be what you want them to be and that is another form of self-sacrifice.

When you have truly healed your issues, there is no longer any need for forgiveness, and instead the denial and guilt based need to forgive another will be replaced with genuine gratitude and love. I mean love, not the pretence and phony expression of love that people put on to show others, I mean real heartfelt love. Now it may be a friend that finally allows themselves to activate you, or it could be a stranger, and both can even go so far as to imply that you are going to be physically harmed if that is what is needed to move you off your denial based point-of-view. This can also take the form of what would be called an accident or an act of God where you are actually physically harmed.


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