Post 492 Death and consciousness

‘09 May 20 There is mass confusion and misinformation about dying and death. When a person has died, while Spirit and Heart have left the Body, the Soul or Will is still in the Body and slowly, when it realizes that life is hopeless without Spirit and Heart presence, does she slowly withdraw from the Body. Soul or Will first withdraws from the limbs and then the internal organs. As the Will withdraws from the various parts of the Body, the Body begins the process of retuning to the elements from which it formed. During this dying process, both the Will and Body have conscious awareness of what is going on, they just have lost the ability to express it or understand it without Spirit (Mind) presence. The Will feels heartbreak, terror, anger and rage as well as the Bodies physical pain, but without Sprit presence to animate the Body, the Body can’t move to express what it or the Will is feeling.

It is not the Body that smells of death, but the reversed polarity unloving light energy of denial that was trapped in the Body, and that the Body was holding, that smells as it is being released. It is the smell of Lucifer, for those that have smelt his presence. Once the Will has released all its attachments to the Body, usually three days after Spirit has left, all parts of the Body begin to return to the natural elements from which they were formed.

The medical community does not transplant DEAD organs; they transplant living organs that still have Will essence in them. The only reason that the organs are useful is because they are still alive to a limited degree. A person being brain dead means that Spirit and Heart have left the body as Spirit and Heart are needed to keep the body alive. Artificial life support does just that, it keeps the Body functions artificially alive so that the Will is forced to remain in the Body and the organs can be kept alive longer and harvested when needed to replace a diseased or damaged organ in another person. While in this state, both the Will and Body are conscious and aware of what is happening. That’s why some organ recipients have the conscious awareness and memories of their donors.

PS Sorry about the mix up but I ws tired and it was late when i was putting up these paost and I cut and pasted duplicate posts.

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