Post 493 Will and Body feelings and sensations

‘09 May 22 ‘09 May 20 Without the feelings and emotions of the Will, all that our Spirit (Mind) would experience would be the feelings and sensations of our Body where the feeling of excitement would take the place of the feelings of joy. The Body feelings and euphoric sensations are produced by the release of endorphins and other chemicals like adrenaline that creates a nervous excitement where one gets an adrenaline rush and then when we have pushed our Body too far, we feel tired and exhausted. There are also other sensations that we pick up with our bodies senses of sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. We also have various feelings of pain that the body feels when it is being abused. Sex and the physical sensations associated with it bring the most of the bodies feelings into play as a sexual climax or orgasm is one of our bodies most pleasurable feeling sensation. We use the Body to feel good and to give us pleasure and to take us out of what the Will based feelings and emotions that we have no acceptance for.

Mind uses the Body to avoid and deny any feelings and emotions that it doesn’t want to feel. It uses the Body to give it things that bring it pleasure, like eating, drinking, drugs, working, exercise, sex, hobbies, sleep, radio, TV, etc. All are forms denial and avoidance when the Mind uses the Body to escape the feelings and emotions of the Will that are trying to surface.

I feel that the Body has no real say in what it does or doesn’t want to do, as it is the Mind that is in control. The body also holds the emotions that are denied expression by the Mind as they have no place else to go. The Body not only holds the denied emotions but also the energy of others that was taken in when denial of the Will occurred. It is these denied reversed polarity energies that create dis-ease in the Body that then tries to release what it is holding by bringing awareness to the Mind of the feelings and emotions it has denied. When the Mind is closed and in denial to receiving any input from the Will or Body, it is caught in the unloving light of denial and all aspects of self, Spirit, Will, Heart and Body spiral towards death, and the loss of consciousness.

Unfortunately we use the words “feel” and “feelings” to describe to describe the Minds desire, the Body’s feelings and sensations as well as the Will’s feelings and emotions. Each is independent, yet they are intrinsically connected, and what happens to one, happens to all. Statements like:

Mind: I feel like going for a walk.
Body:I feel too tired to go for a walk, I’m thirsty.
Will: I feel uncomfortable going for a walk alone.
Mind:, Body: and Will:…. I feel tense and nervous, my hand is shaking. I’m afraid to go for a walk alone at night. I think I’ll watch TV.

As you can see, some feelings are associated with, Mind, others with Body and still others with Will, and then they are also expressed collectively. It’s no wonder that we are confused when we talk about feelings and emotions.


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