Post 494 The Will and denied rage

‘09 May 26 Besides the feelings and emotions of the Will and the feeling and sensations of our Body, there is another aspect of emotion that needs to be identified and dealt with. This emotion is both Spirit and Will polarity oriented, but with a twist in that it is also reversed polarity. That emotion is denied rage. When this reversed polarity denied rage attacks first, it is of Spirit polarity and when it re-acts and attacks in revenge to being attacked, it is of Will polarity. While they are coming from opposite polarities, what makes them both unloving is that denial is present, thus making them the reversal of love.

This denied rage is controlling and manipulating and is a master at disguises. Not only has it associated itself with the Mind in controlling the rest of our being, it is also in control of the Mind. The prime directive of this rage is to be lord and master, to be the winner, successful, to be in control and in a position of power and to have others respect and fear it. It reaches its goal or objective by saying and doing whatever it takes, and after accomplishing its agenda, there comes a feeling of satisfaction that is hard to describe as it really isn’t an emotion per-say, but is more of the smug feeling of self-righteous pride and gloating, and one-upmanship in having successfully accomplished its mission. It’s like winning at a sports game and having defeated your opponent or the feeling one gets when you are the centre of attention, but in a good way. It’s like a prison guard that is satisfied and content, when all the prisoners obey his commands without question or hesitation. It’s like a parent that prides itself at having raised “good” and successful children or a husband that feels confident that he dominates and controls his house, wife and children. The feeling when a job is done to your satisfaction.

This denied rage can be violently forceful or subtly passive aggressive, using kind and so-called loving presentation to persuade others to follow its hidden agenda. It is that denied rage that is controlling and manipulating that has rules and condition for everyone and everything in its reality, except itself, and it is that rage that is presently in control of our reality. Now this denied rage is common to all consciousness and is not limited to humanity, but can also be found in plants and animals. This rage and denied rage is commonly referred to as instinct, the heartless statement referring to the survival of the fittest, where only the strong (those that overpower another) survive. Rage and denied rage is what is maintaining the “food chain” where death is looked on as a part of life. Death is not a part of life; it is the absence of life.

While denied rage is present in all people it is the Will polarity people, those that have feelings and emotions that are confused and feel trapped by this rage that says it is love and loving but yet doesn’t “feel” like love or loving. Spirit polarity people that have little or no Will are unable to “feel” and so all that they go on is the mental understanding of what they are experiencing in their Body and whether it is satisfactory to their agenda, and if it gives them physical pleasure. While I say the Will polarity is trapped and confused by denied rage, the only reason they are is because they are in denial and they falsely believe that expression of their feelings and emotions, especially rage is unloving.

Denied rage is controlled by imprints, programs, beliefs and judgments and it is this hate that doesn’t want to give up its position of power and control over others and the self (Mind, Will, Body and Heart). It not only wants to keep what it has, it also wants to expand its domain. Bigger, better, faster, more is what drives the fire of this rage as it consumes, dries up and shrivels the life out of all it touches and then moves on. It is especially drawn to the magnetic Will polarity and any movement of feelings and emotions are attacked and then it feeds on the denied feelings and emotions. The fires of this denied rage are concealed by denied hatred for others or denied self-hatred and hatred is what the Will polarity (empath) is vibrating to that it thinks is love. Denied rage imprinted the Mind and Will and the results of denial are manifested in the form (Body) of disease, illness, dying and death.



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