Post 498 Iron Maiden – Dream – Past Life

’09 May 31 4:03 am. I awoke hearing the words; “We are bridled and governed by the laws of society that dictate we should follow social order. Free thinkers and those that no not follow are heretics, unholy ones from another world and reality that must be put to death so that their tyranny and blasphemy end, and they do not corrupt the rest of the law abiding and God fearing men and women in society. “

I also saw clergy, dressed in red with tall pointy caps in a group. A spokesman came forward to make an announcement before I was going to be executed for heresy. I feel that I was going to die in an Iron Maiden and then buried in it so that I and my corrupt Soul would never escape to gain walk this Earth to disturb social law and order.

As I wrote that in my journal, I smiled and said, “Well I’m back!”

Insanity – I feel I went insane at being buried alive. I feel that after I was put in the Iron Maiden, that it was going to be in a cave or cavern that was then going to be sealed off. I was to die a slow and painful death. It was hell and it drove my mind mad, insane to feel the pain and agony my body was enduring and not being able to end the pain and suffering. Not the pain in the body, but in the mind that still was present, conscious and aware that it was trapped, alive and unable to die until the infection caused by the Iron Maiden, and the slow starvation took its toll on the body.

I was impaled in the Iron Maiden in such a way that there was next to no physical movement without causing intolerable pain to the other parts of my body. While my hands and feet were not impaled, I couldn’t move them without causing pain to the muscles in my arms and legs that were impaled. The spikes were designed to pin and hold the body in an almost immoveable position, and any movement back and forth or to the side only caused the trident spikes to impale themselves deeper causing more pain and suffering. The spikes were in the design of a trident so that they would only pierce the body so far, and so that they would also inflict three times the pain. There were also hooks or barbs on the end, so that pushing in caused pain and pulling out caused pain. It was designed to inflict the most pain and suffering imaginable, and that it did.

There were also some insects placed in the Iron maiden to ensure that the Body was disturbed, and I could constantly feel them crawling and biting me. Besides the physical pain, these things crawling and biting were another form of torture that drove my Mind mad. My mind wanted to swat and kill them but any movement only caused more pin by the tridents. It was forced to endure the constant pain and suffering when all it wanted to slumber, to escape from this prison that was also in total darkness.

There was an air hole and I could feel and smell the odd breath of fresh air that added to the torture. It was also impossible to call out without causing pain as my lower jaw was held fast and my teeth were in a permanent clench. My throat also had a collar on it that was used to position my body in the Iron Maiden and was tight so that even swallowing whatever spit I had was difficult.

It took me almost 10 days to die. I know that my Will and Body had to suffer for another three days but there was nothing that I could do. While I don’t know what they go through without my Spirit (Mind) presence, I do know what it feels like in another sense by the ordeal I experienced in the Iron Maiden. That was the one time and the only time that I recall that my Spirit was forced to endure almost as much as my Will and Body endure each time that Spirit leaves the Body, when life is no longer possible or desirable.

The year was 1358 or 1385, and I feel it took place somewhere in the area of the France and Italian border. There is a stone house that still contains my papers, manuscripts and apparatus’ I invented and used that led to my death.


'09 June 07 edit 10 years to die…. to 10 days to die…. Thanks Rick… Oh, and yes, it was a past life.

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