Post 499 False love – Self-gratification

’09 June 01 The Mind that is altered by its imprints, programs and beliefs and the Spirit polarity people seek physical pleasure that they call love. I love to ski, I love to swim, I love shopping, I love chocolate, etc. whatever makes them happy is what they think gives them love and it is also interpreted as self-love, but is actually, self-gratification.

Giving and receiving presents “things” is also recognized as an act of love as it is meant to make the person happy. The one receiving something pleasant from a person mentally considers (judges) that they are receiving and experiencing love. If what they received did not make them happy, then the judgment would be that they did not receive love as their expectations were not met. The person giving is also happy in feeling that they are doing good when they give another pleasure and happiness. And of course, the opposite is also true. Judgments and expectations are involved in both the giving and receiving.

Sex, making love, is another physical form that is confused with love as it give pleasure to the body. Masturbation is giving yourself pleasure, that some also call self-love, when in actuality it is giving your self self-hatred as there is unloving intent. The only reason you are doing it is to give your Mind a feeling sensation of pleasure, because if you wouldn’t do it if your body gave you pain, so that proves the point. The Mind is either trying to re-live a past pleasurable event, or it is trying to create a future pleasurable experience that the sensation of orgasm of the Body gives it.

All these forms of “love” are directly related to the body and its feelings and sensations that produce “feel good” chemicals that the Mind desires. None of these feelings and sensations that are the result of physical sensations are love, as love is a feeling that is not directly associated with having to experience a specific physical activity. Love is a feeling that can be felt and expressed “without” physical action or words, although a physical action will also be felt as loving.



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