Post 501 Mental Issues and the Spirit Polarity

’09 June 03 I just got the “feeling” significance of why the medical community called people with so-called negative emotions as having a “Mental problem.” This is not “new” to me but today I felt it on many levels. It’s because the people that are in a position of authority and power are of the Spirit polarity, or are denial Spirits that don’t have feelings and emotions. To them, it’s mind over matter and emotions and feelings are not part of the equation, so it’s easy for them to succeed and have a good life, as they are not affected by feeling and emotions, only pleasing sensations that the Body feels is their measure of happiness that they call love.

They think that having a positive attitude and being determined will enable you to get want you want and make you happy. Happiness to them is a state of Mind and also the “feel good” sensation of the body. This ties into my previous post 449 False love – Self –gratification. There is no “emotional” connection to anything or anyone. They are only around as long as you or it serves their purpose of self-gratification, to make them happy and if they get “bored,” they move on to find new excitement. When you try to feel an emotional connection with these people you feel nothing, and that is because there is “nothing” to feel. But instead of trusting their feelings and intuition, and giving them the benefit of the doubt, they trust the person that is using and abusing them, because they are good “emotional” actors and know how an when to say the right words to keep under their control.


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