Post 504 Doing the opposite

When faced with our issues, people think that if the do the opposite of what they were doing that they will have solved and healed their issue or problem. If they we in an abusive relationship they believe that the solution is to leave. If they are alcoholics, then they need to stop drinking. If they are smokers, then they need to give up cigarettes. If they are over eaters, then they need to go on a diet, and the list goes on and on.

What people fail to realize is that while they are on the right track in their thinking in that they need to do the opposite of what they have been doing, they missed the mark in that thought is only a part-truth and is NOT the solution. They have to go deeper and not just look at, and address the symptoms, but to find and address the cause. Using the smoker as an example, doing the opposite is not about quitting smoking, it’s about looking for the cause as to why they were addicted to the habit of smoking and that is doing the opposite of what they have been doing. They are using cigarettes as a means to cover up and deny the feelings and emotions that they don’t want to feel. If they were to simply stop without addressing the underlying cause, they would just find another habit or way to deny and avoid feeling what they are.


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