Post 505 Healing the Body

’09 June 10 5:13 a.m. Last night when I was flossing my teeth I noticed that my teeth are sensitive and that my gums are receding. I was also tasting tooth enamel that is being exposed. Humm. I going to need to focus on ……( I stopped) Hummmm… If I can heal my Mind of its implants, program’s and beliefs and my Wills feelings and emotions, why can’t I do that with my Body? Who’s says that what has been done is a fact of life and that you can’t heal your body, grow a new tooth or teeth. Who says you can’t repair the damage that was done to the Body by years of denial and neglect? We can grow hair, and finger and toe nails, and heal other parts, why can’t we heal the rest of our Body and put an end to disease and aging?

Hummm? The question is ..How? And it’s not about treating or healing the symptoms, but addressing and healing the cause. It’s not about having new teeth, but about healing the cause of why I don’t have healthy teeth and gums. And then there is the rest of the Body, all the little things that have taken their tool on the Body to physically weaken it including my internal organs, blood vessels, heart, lungs, kidneys, etc. Even my eyes, hearing taste and smell, all have diminished to some extent. Even what we call aging is the result of denials being held in the Body.

5:48 a.m. I just realized that any healing we do with finding our cause for dis-ease in our Body is also going to extend to our energy chakras centers and aura. Hummm. I don’t know where this is going but its biog, I mean BIG!


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