Post 506 Needing Light to live

June 14 6:41 a.m. I was thinking of food, Body and health and how in the R.U.O.W. books God talks about how others are living by feeding off another’s light instead of asking God for light from him. Light is life and over powering another to take their light is done in two ways, either by controlling and manipulating them or by killing them to consume their essence, like what we with animals and plants.
I stopped writing as I’m afraid of where this is going. I’m afraid that I need God , that I need his light to live and if I don’t get his light, then I’ll be trapped in having to continue to overpower and kill other forms of consciousness in order to live. But, in the process I’ll also be overpowered and whatever light I have stolen from others will be taken away form me and my Body will get disease, age and die.

So how do I do this? How do I ask God for Light? Do I just ask? But if my intent is dent, if there are hidden denials, conditions and expectations that I am not aware of then my asking is really a demand and is not loving intent and God is not going to obey me anymore than he is going to obey Lucifer’s commands no matter how “nicely” I ask.



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