Post 507 Garden and the Robin

’09 June 16 8:39 a.m. Yesterday Marian cut the grass and later when I went upstairs to make some supper she came out of her bedroom and was barely able to walk as she said that she had hurt her back. She sat down and started to talk about the lawn and asked what to do about all the crab grass and weeds that are in it. I said that it’s really over grown and that it is going to take a lot of work to get rid of the weeds and that it might mean roto-tilling the yard and laying down new sod if she wants it perfect.

She also mentioned that the garden planting beds need tending, weeding and trimming and mulch applied. She also said that the evergreen tree needs to have all the lower braches cut off so that the plants can grow. I disagreed with her and told her that the plants that are under the tree, the crocuses, daffodils and tulips have already bloomed and that the lilies and others are now beginning to bloom and that the plants that are there are well suited to the shade they are in. I also said that if you cut off all the lower branches, then you will also be removing any privacy and you will be looking at the neighbors yard and they at you.

I told her that the other option for the yard was to leave it as it is and to accept the weeds as part of the yard as all the yard is really being used for is for a place for the dog to do its business and for it to dig up and eat whatever plants are out there. She said that we had a beautiful lawn in our houses and that we had a dog (Pekinese) that also shit and pissed on the grass. I said yes, but it was a small dog and it never dug or ate the plants and that keeping the yard and grass nice was also a lot of work. When I stated that I’m not interested in doing that anymore, the conversation tended and she went back to her bedroom. Marian was fishing but I wasn’t biting.

9:32 a.m. I went outside and Maggie the poodle was acting strange. First she acted like she was afraid of me and then she became aggressive and in an attack mode. When she lunged at me I lifted my knee and caught her lower jaw. She stopped and then ran into the middle of the garden where she just looked at me and I wondered what was going on.

I stood in the morning sunlight for a few minutes soaking up the warm rays and then made my way back down the back stairs and that’s when I saw the dead baby robin. I turned and looked at Maggie who was now at the top of the stairs. When I looked at her she looked like she didn’t know what to do. I scolder her as I knew that she had killed it. I knew there was a robin’s nest in the cedar hedge by the gate and I guess this one fell out and Maggie got to her. Later I checked the nest but it was now empty.

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