Post 508 The Outer Limits, or was it?

June 18 1:56 a.m. I just woke up. I don’t know if this was a dream, a past life or if I was remembering a TV episode of the Outer Limits. I was on a space ship and had been in a deep cryogenic sleep, one that lasted 35 years. I went on this mission in my youth and now I was awakened in near old age. The ship was hot, so I remained nude as I had been in my chamber. I don’t know how long I was out of my chamber when I was instructed by computer voice command to awaken one female of the remaining 35 travelers, one that I thought would be compatible, one that in my youth would be one that I could have a relationship with. I thought, “Yeah right, now after 35 years and my gray hair and aged body I’m to rekindle my youth.”
I chose the one I was attracted to and felt she was attracted to me and revived her from her sleep. I told her what was happening and why I had awakened her. There was a sense of urgency to our situation as we preformed our ship duties but that didn’t diminish our urge to make up for lost time. Not only was she compatible, but we had sex for the entire week before we needed a rest. I guess 35 years of sexual energy needed to be released. Part of our frolicking foreplay was her asking “can you” and me replying, “I’m able” or her asking “are you able” and me saying, “yes I can.”

We still had some time to go before we reached our destination, planet Earth and when we did our checks we realized that what the computer was saying was correct, that we could not revive the 34 travelers, in fact, we were in doubt that we could make it with the remaining air supply we had. Slowly we began to draw in the air from non essential areas and seal them off. We thought of ways we could save our comrades, but there was nothing we could do as there was only so much air left. We waited, unsure of what to do and days later, during one of our sexual episodes, we didn’t notice that the rest of the crew was automatically being revived by the master computer. We then realized that we had suspended re-vitalization but had failed to turn the fail safe off.

We were now in a perilous situation as precious oxygen was being pumped into each cylinder. The crew had not yet been revived, and in a panic we shut down life support for the remaining 34 travelers, now realizing that we were also doomed as there wasn’t enough air left for the two of us to reach Earth. We couldn’t be put back into suspended life support because we needed to physically adjust some controls and we also needed to transfer to the landing module in order to land on Earth.

Landing was still many days off and it was then that I realized that there was air in the landing module, enough for 36 people for 4 hours, and maybe just enough for the two of us to last until we landed on Earth. But I also calculated that we needed to stay in the Mother ship until the air was completely gone and then transfer to the Landing module. We waited as long as we dared before we transferred to the Lander and then sealed ourselves off from the Mother ship. We then waited as hours slipped into days, waiting for the right time to undock and prepare our journey to our new home. Days later the computer activated the landing module and we were on our way.

We landed safely on Earth, the first humans in the New World. The dream gets foggy here but I do remember having two sons Can and Able named after our sexual play on words. Our names were Adam and Eve. That was when I woke up.


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