Post 511 Fragmentation & Differentiation (Part 1 of 2)

'09 June As I was editing my third book I noticed a channeled message on fragmentation and differentiation that I never finished channeling and it left me wondering why. Here is the original message:

Note: For those of you not familiar with the Right Use of Will (RUOW) material, this post may not make sense to you

’00 July 10 Indeed what you are experiencing now is feelings of differentiation and fragmentation. Differentiation is also linked to attack, but not in the same way as it is to fragmentation and expression, as we will discuss later. The prime directive, so to speak of differentiation is to attack, it is its nature, its essence, as it is the unloving energy of Lucifer and of the psychopathic killer. Its means of expression, of communication, of what it wants is through attack, conscious through Lucifer and unconscious through the psychopathic killer. Now the words and methods used by differentiation and attack and fragmentation and expression can be the same, but it is the feeling of the words, of the expression that is different, but there is more. You also need to move out unloving light (differentiation) before you can truly get to fragmentation and its expression.

Even with your word definition of differentiation there is confusion for you. In your linear mind you consider everything different as individual, even if they look exactly the same, the one that is held in the left hand is different from the one held in the right hand or else if they were the same there would only have to be one. The difference we are trying to express is the difference in feeling and we are not talking your physical feeling senses of hot or cold, etc. we are talking of your Will and how it feels to her, is it loving or unloving? That is the key to be able to bring separation to differentiation and fragmentation, by allowing the Will its expression including its feeling of being attacked even when there is nothing evident or when there is denial of attacking. This goes back to original cause and is at the crux of the long standing, long suffering problems in creation, in this free Will universe where the Will feels trapped.

There is loving light and there is unloving light, they may look and sound the same but they don’t feel the same, for they are not the same. And what is happening now is that there is going to be separation of this differentiation, which I first thought was fragmentation, a piece of myself and in a true linear sense it appears it is but when felt it is not. By analogy……….. (end of channeled message)

R.U.O.W. Differentiation references: Yellow book "Heart Song" page 161, 188, rage page 160


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