Post 512 Fragmentation & Differentiation (Part 2 of 2)

'09 June Although I had gotten the message in post 511 it never registered with me as I had totally forgotten about it, in fact, I had previously thought that the psychopathic killer and Lucifer were fragmented parts of God that had broke off and had gone out to attack, and has struck the Will.

The first part of Spirit that went out to attack the Will was the psychopathic killer and the second was Lucifer. What unloving energy that didn’t penetrate the Will and imprint it, was repelled, (reversing its polarity in the process) and sent back toward Spirit, striking Spirit and imprinting it before rolling off out into creation. Both Will and Spirit were imprinted by these attacks, Will believing that Spirit was attacking it, and Spirit that it was the Will that was leading the attack, unaware that it was its own energy that was being repelled by the Will. Both the psychopathic killer and Lucifer are not fragments, but are what God in (RUOW) calls differentiation, or different aspects of self. But in this experience there was differentiation and fragmentation happening at the same time. First in Spirit differentiating and attacking Will, and when the Will was attacked, it fragmented as a result of being struck by this differentiated energy. Then, when the aspects of the psychopathic Killer and Lucifer that were repelled by the Will, returned to source and struck Spirit, Spirit also fragmented as now this energy of the Psychopathic killer and Lucifer were of reversed polarity.

I feel that differentiation is more like a cause, whereas fragmentation is the effect. A fragment is created when essence is being attacked and is in a state of confusion, doubt, and shock, where it either can’t, or isn’t allowed to express itself in order to gain understanding of what it is experiencing. Fragmentation occurs when the parental part feels that it needs to do what it has to do in order to survive. The Mind, does what it things is best for all concerned and unwittingly cuts that part of itself off by denying it unconditional expression. In denying and cutting this part of itself off it wasn't originally of unloving intent, but by unconscious denial, it none the less was unloving. Denial is non-acceptance, no movement, no freedom, hate, conditions and death and by denial we give ourselves the opposite of what we desire which is freedom, acceptance, love and life.

I feel that the psychopathic killer is buried in our subconscious, that gets stirred whenever it’s imprints are triggered, while Lucifer is in our conscious mind where he is identified as the inner critic trying to be in control of all our experiences. It’s interesting that now I see Lucifer, or rather, Luciferian light as being a part of my being, a differentiated aspect of myself that is running on old imprints and programs, and that is trying to take control of my Spirit (mind) and thereby take control of my Will and Body. I now realize the significance of a message I got a few years ago, which was that whenever I identified the voice of the inner critic, I was to say…. “I do not accept you, move back to the point of creation where you originated and reverse your polarity.”

These are parts of the God particle of our being but they are not fragments, they are differentiated aspects of our being that attacked the Will and Spirit, directly or indirectly. Lucifer through the inner critic, uses the tools of attack, doubt, confusion, guilt, and shame and the programs and beliefs that are in the Mind to control Mind to get it to deny the Will so that it can be in control. Once the Will that can feel differentiation is controlled, ahhhh! So that is the “key.” As it’s only the Will that can tell if something is loving or not, by how it feels, and as long as the Will is being denied, Lucifer has control of the Mind. And once he has control of the mind, he also has control of the Will, Body and Heart and he has become God in his place. While God, Spirit (Mind), sits in the background confused and bewildered, unable to solve any problems as it is unaware of its denials of the Will are what have created all this.

Rage is the blind fury of the psychopathic killer, that unloving energy that is buried in the subconscious that stirs whenever it’s old imprints and programs are triggered to attack what it deems to be a threat, whereas Lucifer is consciousness, that attacks with cold, calculating indifference that feigns love and kindness but has a hidden agenda to not only control and manipulate all parts of our being, but others as well..

I was reminded of a previous post of the Mayan saying… “In lak'ech” The Mayan translation is, "I am another yourself" as now I see it also in a different light.


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