Post 513 Mind has feelings and Sensations

June 21 12; 30 p.m. I received an e-mail regarding duality and polarity and feelings and when I answered the question I felt how it related to differentiation.

I was thinking of the various feelings that we have. The Will has feelings and emotions, the body has its feelings and sensations and I had thought that the Mind just used and expressed the feelings of the body and Will, but in answering this e-mail I also realized that Mind has its own feelings. While I’ve know of this, as I wrote about it in my first book, on denial based meditation, I never really thought of it in this way. The feelings that the Mind has are the feelings and sensations when it is in a state of bliss and in the state of thoughtlessness, peace, tranquility, and reverie. All these feelings and sensations are ones that the Will and Body have never experienced?

I was thinking that what I believed before was wrong and so that also means that I’m still thinking is also wrong, but that voice is the voice of Lucifer trying to stop me. What I'm doing here is evolving and expanding my consciousness, of what I know, based on my experiences and so now with new experiences, my point of view is expanding and is what is right in this moment and in the next moment it might change again. I just heard a mumbling voice moving off into the distance I thought that was Lucifer.


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