Post 514 The old rules no longer apply

’09 June 22, The old rules do not apply; they only apply to those that believe them to be their truth. I had a flash of Lucifer and the psychopathic killer creating another universe and destroying it and then Lucifer crossing back into this universe, pretending he was the 13th Archangel when really he is a differentiated aspect of God wanting to be God in this universe and all of creation.

Although love is something that we feel, the problem is that we have been told what is and isn't love or loving regardless of how it feels, and to deny our feelings and to go on what we have been taught. We think we know what love is and we even consider ourselves to be loving and even unconditionally loving. Because we don't know what love is, we also don't know what denial is in all its subtle and unseen roles, nor do we see the role that guilt and shame have in our lives and how guilt has been put in the place where love should be.

If you are a feeling an emotional person than affirmations and having a positive attitude will not help you as you are in denial of what you're really feeling and that is the part of your essence. If however, you are a spirit polarity person or a denial spirit, then affirmations and positive thinking will help you as they allow you to change your beliefs that create your reality, and because there is nothing magnetic to draw any other feelings and emotions to you, and so you are successful and in control of your life and life is good. This is also where the term survival of the fittest applies.

What God, Spirit, did to his Will unconsciously, the Angels did with conscious intent. The denial spirits, the Angels, had conscious intent to manifest without their Wills. Denial spirits need to feed off of the denials of Will spirits as they need that magnetic Will energy to keep them alive. They feel good when they are in control of others and when they aren't in control then they rage aggressively or passively aggressive to get whatever they want which is for the Will polarity spirit to deny themselves, as it is by denial that the Will polarity Spirit gives their power away.


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