Post 518 160GB Hard drive & DragonNaturally Speaking

’09 July 05 I checked out external hard drives at three different stores and decided to get the 160 GB Toshiba, external USB powered hard drive from Wal-Mart that was on sale for $65.00.

I spent Saturday going over and editing my files and programs that I wanted to save to my hard drive. In the process, my computer shut down four more times. My main concern was losing my documents but I had them backed up on a USB thumb drive. I was now just going through my files and doing a little house cleaning before I did another backup.

’09 July 07 I backed up all my documents and programs to my external hard drive. I also installed Dragon NaturallySpeaking preferred 9 that I recently acquired. I had bought Dragon NaturallySpeaking 3 back in 2000, but I was frustrated in that it's spelled a lot of words wrong, so it took a longer to correct the mistakes than if I had just typed it out by myself. I did a basic test to see how it works and I'm pleasantly surprised in that even without any practice or training, it is picking up most of my words correctly, or at least 98% of them. I also find it easier just to dictate rather than read from my journal as there are fewer mistakes as I have a hard time reading my writing at times….. I’m also finding that I have to enunciate my words deliberately, and that gets rid of spelling and word use mistakes.

Just so that you know, these last few entries in my blog were created using Dragon NaturallySpeaking.


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