Post 519 da Vinci and duality

’09 July 10 yesterday, I was flipping through the TV channels and I happened to see the da Vinci Vitruvian Man picture and while they gave their interpretation of what the drawing meant, I felt there was more. I felt that this also represents the duality that we are experiencing. The picture basically shows two identical men striking similar poses, but with major differences, as one is linked to the circle and the other is linked to the square.

I felt it was symbolizing differentiation, as in our state of being as defined by good and evil. The aspect of Lucifer is represented by the man touching the square, or cube, and that God, or the creator is represented by the figure in the circle, or the sphere. I feel that the figure in the square is limited and that the head, feet and either arm are touching only a small portion of the square simultaneously, and that the head needs to make contact with a side of the square so as to complete it. While the feet are also shown touching the circle that is the only point that they have in common. I feel that with the head (Mind) touching the square, it represents limited thinking. While the figure in the square is very limited in its movements, the figure in the circle can move anywhere and the head (Mind) is not attached or limited representing free or unlimited thought and free expression. If the circle also represented a sphere, then the figure could make contact with virtually every, or any point in that sphere.


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