Post 522 Stalling – Procrastinating

For the past couple of months, I’ve been stalling and procrastinating in getting my second and third book finished. I’ve been working on editing my book covers, ISBN numbers, barcodes and getting the books formatted before I begin my final proof read and edit, but what should take a couple of hours, seems to take all week. I also have my website to revise, but I can’t seem to get into that either, nor do I feel like posting to my blog.

I feel I’m stalling because my two sisters and mother are coming down at the end of August as my mother wants to see her great-grand-daughter. If it wasn’t for my mother wanting to see Nyah they wouldn’t be coming down as we are not very close and seldom talk. They are “my” family, they know I don’t have a job or a house to put them up, neither do I have a vehicle to pick them up from the airport or to drive them around. I also don’t have the money to rent one. I don’t have the food, money, or the desire to cook meals for them. I feel they have basically forced themselves upon me, my ex-wife, and my daughter in the name of family love. If only one person was coming down, I could handle that, two would be awkward, but three, is just nuts as there is really no room for them.

Another reason I’m stalling is that I have met a woman that is interested in me, but I’m not interested in her. She’s interested in my book and the work I have done, and answering her questions is a diversion from working on my books. At the same time, I’m also helping her with her computer as she is just now learning to use a computer and the internet, and is lost. The only reason I’m in contact with her is to see why she has come into my life at this time.

I’m also stalling in part because I’m going up to Barrie on Saturday Aug 8 for Jens 40th birthday party. I’ll also be camping out in another friend’s backyard while I’m up there. I haven’t seen both of them for almost 3 years.

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