Post 526 False Identity and the (I am) Self

'09 Sept. 08In recent conversations I find that people unconsciously associate their identity with their occupation, social status, country, city, ethnic origin, religion, or even with a sports team or organization. Others associate themselves as a wife, husband, son, daughter, or a relative or even another person that they deem superior, successful, or important. Identity is also associated with money, with earning potential and therefore linked to social status and a measure of success or importance. All these identities are false as they don’t reflect who you are, but rather what you are experiencing. I am… followed by whatever description one gives of themselves is simply stating who they think and believe they are… rather than what they are experiencing in this moment. They are not a doctor, they are merely experiencing being a doctor and helping others. If they have judgments on their present experience, then they will base their identity on either past, or future experiences in order to bolster their self image and give their altered ego a sense of importance and worth.

Saying that you are a spiritual being having a physical experience is also a part truth as you are also more than that general statement as you are unique in your own way. While you are part of a larger consciousness you also have your own identity, experiences and expressions that make you unique, much like any part of our physical body is unique yet part of something greater.

“Your opinions and beliefs are not you”
“What you do is not what you are”


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