Post 527 New Passport

‘09 09 09 I finally got my passport today. I had tried to get it back in mid-August but was unsuccessful for several reasons. The Canadian government changed their policy this year in that now anyone with a passport can be your guarantor, and it doesn’t have to be a doctor, lawyer, Indian Chief, etc… Not reading instructions or rather, not reading what wasn’t being said, I had my doctor be my guarantor (vouch for my identity) but as she didn’t have a passport, they would not accept it. I made two trips to the London passport office before I was finally told all the details of what was no longer acceptable, as there was no reference that the old rules no longer applied in any way shape or form.

My old passport ran out in January, and under the old rules you had to apply for a new passport. The new rules now state that you can use your old passport for up to a year, to apply for a new one, but you can’t use it to travel. So I re-did the application and used my old passport, and I sailed right through the application process.

While I was getting my passport processed, I mentioned to the woman that since 9/11, that all this airport security was a sham. I explained to her how I had gone through the airport security at the Toronto international Airport, where I and my belongings were scanned and x-rayed, as they looked for dangerous objects. I told her that once I passed through the security checkpoint, that I was presented with countless shops, all looking for my dollar, but at the same time offering up box cutters, scissors, etc, that were in plain view and that I could have easily picked up and hid on my person, and taken into the aircraft. There were also delivery people dropping off and picking up boxes for these gift shops and restaurants, and any one of them, or anyone working in this area could easily slip a person explosives, guns or whatever they wanted. The passport woman commented that she only worked here and that she didn’t make the rules, but that she understood what I was saying. I left it at that.


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