Post 528 Battle of the sexes

This is another issue that seems to be coming up with people that I chat with. In all aspects of society, there is this seen an unseen battle of the sexes going on where each man and woman is protecting their gender and role model as dictated by society and their customs and traditions. This is the external battle of the sexes and is but a reflection of the inner battle that each gender (man and woman) has within themselves. Man-woman, husband-wife, boyfriend-girlfriend, brother-sister, are common areas of conflict that have gender issues.

People are quick to judge and focus on the external battle, because they are unaware that the outer battle is merely a reflection of their inner battle. The inner battle is over-looked as it is far easier to blame another person, place or thing as being the problem, rather than looking within at one’s own issues and inner battle.

The real healing that needs to take place is in ending this inner battle between Spirit [mind, thought, intellect, ideas and reason] and Soul [Will, feelings, emotions, and knowing]. Many people will dismiss the fact that there even is an inner battle, as they believe that their Mind is in control of everything they are experiencing. Still others have no real feelings or emotions and so they deem that the only gender problem they have is the external conflict that arises between the sexes.



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