Post 530 Going West at end of October

‘09 September 21 When my sisters and mother were down for a visit, my sister asked me if I wanted to go out West at the end of October to celebrate my brother and my birthdays as our birthdays are 4 days apart and are both marking “special” numbers. I’m going to be 65 (33) and my brother will be 60 years old. At first I said no as I didn’t have the money but on further reflection I decided to go as she was offering me a free ticket using her aeroplan points. I called her today and accepted her offer and within an hour my flights were booked to a 10 day stay.

Well I frittered away another three weeks and accomplish nothing on my books. I don’t understand why I have this hesitation, this avoidance to finishing my books. I look to distract myself by doing other little things that are really pointless. What am I afraid of? What is this all about?


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