Post 541 Christian Media Fear Mongering

Recently I have been getting emails from various people having to do with religion and this YouTube video is one I got along with a MUST WATCH message…. Very Sobering Video, Demographic Problem, Whats The Answer?

"What? The end of the reign of Christianity!!!! Never!!!!! What’s the answer??? It means beginning another HOLY WAR, a crusade by "loving" Christians to fight and put down the unholy and evil infidel Muslim war mongers…. That’s the answer!"…… says the blind and bigoted Christian.

It's all about power and control and has nothing to do with the downfall of society as such… What you do for a livelihood has nothing to do with you religious beliefs…. Whether a teacher is a Muslin or a Catholic has nothing to do with their ability to teach 2+2=4…. unless of course you are talking from a self-righteous, judgmental and religious perspective, insinuating that a Christian teacher is better than a Muslim teacher…

Being unable to “breed” sufficient Christians to maintain control means that they are going to have to “convert” Muslims to Christianity in order to maintain the sheeple flock. And so the push is on by the “higher ups” of the Christian religious factions (especially the Catholics and fundamentalists) to save and convert the wayward Muslins to a better way of life in order to save their position of power and control over the masses. This is not only being pushed by religion, but by every Christian that feels threatened and in whatever capacity they are in, ie military, government, education, commerce, banking, media, etc, etc,. If they feel that their Christian power base is being threatened, they will fight to maintain control, and the above YouTube video is a classic example of this fear mongering.

If it’s not religion that is the source of conflict between people, then it’s language and social customs and traditions… or any combination there of. If you are not the “same” as them, then you are different and thereby shunned and belittled, or hunted and attacked if you put up any resistance.


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