Post 542 Emotions are not a disease

I’ve recently received a few e-mails and been in a few chats regarding emotional issues and problems, where people give me a long list of all the drugs they have taken that have not helped, and also the side effects that they have experienced with using these drugs. It’s mind-boggling to me, that in this modern age, that the medical community is still living in the dark ages.

The medical community and their doctors are ignorant in that they are still trying to treat emotions as if they were a disease, or a broken bone. Feelings of grief, heartbreak, terror or anger are not a disease, and cannot be treated with drugs or a positive attitude, anymore then a person that has trouble with mathematics can be given a drug to make them suddenly math whizzes. The medical community also ignorantly categorizes unwanted emotions as a “mental” problem that are to be controlled by the mind, and hence part of their treatment includes telling the patient to have a positive attitude.

Our feelings and emotions are as real and as valid a part of our being as is our Mind and Body and they need to be recognized as such and not invalidated. Emotions and their expression have also been wrongly associated as being the problem, when in actuality, it has been the denial of our expressing our real feelings and emotions when we are feeling them that is the actual problem. Even animals have emotions and they openly express them unless they have been programmed (trained) to fear responding openly, and respond instead with submissiveness. Going even further, plants and inanimate objects also have feelings and emotions.

The use of medications to numb the mind and body to control emotions only serve to make the problem worse, by creating harmful physical side effects in the body, and also compounding emotional problems and issues, by causing added depression, mood swings, lethargy or acts of aggression. Given the present mindset of the medical community and their lack of true understandings of what emotions are, there is little hope that anyone can obtain the real healing they are looking for.

In my replies, I tell them that healing emotions is not a simple process, and neither is there a quick fix solution. It takes years of abuse, denial and suffering in silence to reach the state that most people find themselves in now. It is only ones determination and courage to find and heal the root cause of their emotional issues and problems that will help them heal. I also give them a link to my website and my e-books on healing and understanding emotions that will help them on their personal healing journey.


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