Post 547 Fake Lottery Ticket – Exposing True Colors

Fake Lottery Ticket

Ending denials and exposing true colors
Comments to follow…Adam Ray TV

Comments '09 Oct 24 Although the intro to the video shows the Adam Ray TV ad I don’t feel it is one of the skits put on my Adam Ray. I viewed some of his other videos listed on his website and this one doesn’t fall into the same amateurish script or acting that is evident in his other videos. I feel that this was a real home video taken at his birthday party and that his real character and denials were caught in the prank. Being a so-called comedian and a joker, what better way to “cover up” being exposed as the fake he is, then to submit the video to AFV, along with advertising to his website and his other videos, making one think that it was all staged… and in the process, promote himself.

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