Post 548 Recovering lost Memories

I find it interesting in that after I posted Post 543 Erasing of the Minds memories I’ve been watching a few TV shows that have to do with removing another person's memory. That got me thinking as to what the message is, and what is the link between my dream and these TV shows.

My first thought was that of a person having their memories removed, but in the next instant I thought that often in the case of dreams and messages, it’s not what it appears to be, and in some cases it has to do with the opposite. That got me thinking of all the things that I have already forgotten that are no longer in my conscious mind for any number of reasons. The most prevalent reason is my Minds denial of the experiences it has had, in that it doesn’t just want to forget what it saw and heard, but also what it emotionally and physically felt. It’s not about a person or thing stealing the memories I have, it’s about recovering the memories that have already been lost by my choice.

So it’s not just lost Will (feelings and emotions) that I need to recover, but also lost Mind (thoughts and memories) that have been denied in response to denying the feelings and emotions and physical sensations. I can’t just deny the feelings and emotions and the physical sensations I experienced that I don’t want to feel and just keep the mental thoughts, as the thoughts (memories) would also remind me of the feelings. It’s a catch 22 situation. The other thing that also happens is that any other memories after the original experience that are associated with the original denied experience are also denied, so it is an accumulation of memory and Will essence loss. I just thought of senility, dementia and also Alzheimer’s that are directly related to this issue as the older we get, the more memories we lose through denial.

I intend to remember and heal all that I have been denying, mentally, emotionally and physically.

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