Post 553 Modern Missionaries… SSDD = Same Shit Different Day

’09 Nov 01 Sunday Much to my mothers, sisters, and brother-in-laws surprise, I took them up on their offer to go to church on Sunday. The pastor of the Calvary Baptist church was away, but they were having missionaries give talks on their work. The church had missionaries working in Mexico and Africa, and also on Saskatchewan native Indian reserves and in the downtown core of Regina. They presented movies and slide show presentations of their missionary efforts that the church was sponsoring.

Although they all had noble intentions they also had major judgments about the people they were helping. I was particularly struck by the bigotry and judgmental statements by the person sharing his exploits at converting the native Saskatchewan Indians. He kept stating how important it was to save the Indian children under 15 years of age as they represented 75% of the native population. He commented that it was important to stop them from turning back to the old ways and that they needed to find Christ before it was too late. He went on to share how the heathen native youth were using Sweet Grass as a means to purify themselves and drive off evil spirits instead of praying to God and accepting Jesus as their savior. As he spewed his hatred and ignorance, I thought of the recent article I blogged… Post 546 Hidden From History: The Canadian Holocaust about the religious abuse of the natives and that things haven’t changed in hundreds of years. I felt his self-righteous pious, religious beliefs permeate his pretentious presentation. He had no understanding of the Native culture nor intent to do so, as he was blinded by his zealous, narrow minded religious conviction to convert the heathens to Christianity.

After all the missionaries were done with their propaganda, a brief lunch was served during which I was talking with my mother and sister. My mother was complaining about a sore shoulder and was blaming it on the weather. I disagreed that the weather was the cause of her pain and shared an experience I had with a woman who also had a sore shoulder that she blamed on the weather and how it was really related to an unresolved emotional issue, and that the shoulder was healed after the emotional issue was addressed.

Later when we got home my sister asked me questions about what I believed and after a couple of hours, we were even sharing ghost stories and how we could feel and sense evil presences. We abruptly stopped our conversation when her husband returned. During our conversation, my mother took off and busied herself with chores as she didn’t want any part of what we were talking about. Although my mother didn’t say anything, I later felt that she was frightened of me or rather of what I was saying and also that I was a bad influence as I had my sister talking about things that her “religious” beliefs considered taboo.


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