Post 554 Bringing up old memories of religion

After church, my mother, sisters and brother-in-laws and I were sitting around the kitchen table talking about our childhood and the subject of when we changed from going to a separate or Catholic school to going to a public school. My mother said it was because the catholic school did not want to pass us to the next grade and so she made us change schools. I looked at my mother in disbelief and said, “Give your head a shake Mom, that’s not what happened.” She (84 years old) looked confused and said, “Well what is your story?”

I began to tell them about how when I was 13 years old and in grade seven, that we were excommunicated, the reason being that I would no longer lie and be a hypocrite. Back then, Mom made us go to church and confession every Sunday, and then I had to go again on Monday as the school also had a priest. I said that I began lying in confession, making up bad things I had done so that I would have something to confess and then going to confession on Sunday and confessing what I had done on Monday. I told my mother what was going on and I said that I didn’t want to go on Sunday, but as we also had communion on Sunday, she said that was not an option. When I spoke up in class and said that I didn’t want to go to confession as I had been yesterday and that I had done nothing wrong, that brought down the ire and wrath of the teacher and school priest. Finally after several incidents, the school teacher, and principal along with the school priest, parish priest and bishop, all took me home to face my mother.

After explaining what was going on, I also told my mother about how the parish priest was always pumping me for information and asking me what was going on with my mother and father and that when I said that, the penny dropped as you got angry. You shouted at the parish priest, “I thought you were a man of God and that God was telling you what I was doing wrong, but it was you getting Johnnie to tell you what was going on. That was when you picked up a broom and began to chase them out of the house and at the same time, the Bishop excommunicated us on the spot. We were then not only kicked out of the church, but we were not allowed to go to school and they weren’t going to pass us, but they did as it was only a few weeks to the end of the year.

My sisters and brother in laws were dumb struck as they had never heard that before but after I told it, my mother chimed in with additional comments that confirmed my story. I don’t know if she had forgotten, or was in denial when the topic came up, but it really doesn’t matter to me, as I said what I needed to say. It was also curious as they were all too willing to bash the Catholic Church, yet had I mentioned the Baptist Church, they would have no doubt attacked me. So much for loving Christians walking their talk…

This story is also mentioned in my third book, my Autobiography, called Journey to the Heart Centre “Healing begins in the Heart“ that is available as a free eBook at my Website


PS: B&W Picture is of me in grade 6…

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