Post 558 Issues with new glasses

’09 Nov 18 11:11 pm I got my new glasses today. I received the call around 4:00 pm and I went down to pick them up, but the woman was busy with two other customers and she didn’t get to see me until 4:45 pm. She did a few adjustments, but when I put them on, they were making me feel nauseous. She said that I should try them for a few days as it takes time for the eyes to get used to a new prescription. It was now 5:00 pm and I could tell she wanted to leave, so I agreed to try them in my home environment.

I wore them this evening and I’ve tried adjusting them as much as I could, but I was afraid of breaking them. I only wore then for an hour or so as I felt it was no use trying to wear a pair that didn’t fit right to begin with as any movement of the glasses only made me feel sick.

I went back the next morning and this time she spent time with me getting them adjusted. While they didn’t make me feel sick to my stomach, my vision was still blurry and it was my right eye or lens that was the problem. I told her I’d try them for a while and that I’d get back to her with a yea or nay.


UPDATE: I was still having problems and I went back to my optometrist on Nov 30 and had my eyes re-checked. I'm having the right eye lens re-made as there was a slight change. Hope that fixes it…

UPDATE#2 New glasses worked like a charm, and I mean instantly… clear, sharp, in focus… No nausea, or dizziness…

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