Post 559 Apple Cleanse – Fast

’09 Nov 20 I started an apple Cleanse today. The last one I did was back in Sept of 2007 Post 186 Edgar Cayce apple diet/cleanser

The Apple Cleanser is an Edgar Cayce remedy is where one eats nothing but delicious apples (at least 5-6/day) for three or four days. This "cleanse" helps improve assimilation and elimination regardless of whether you're in relatively good shape or needing to get into a more vigorous therapeutic program. It can also be used as a form of diet as weight loss is also part of the process.

It's called a cleanse and a fast because by eating only apples, the body is fooled into a fasting mode, where it starts dumping toxins from the liver, kidneys, and other internal organs into the bloodstream where they can be leeched by the pectin in the apples. After the three day fast, one needs to take about 1 ounce of Olive Oil to aid in digestion and facilitate bowel movements.


UPDATE: ‘09 Nov 23 Monday

Well I finished my apple cleanse this morning and I must say that I was glad to see the end of the bag of apples. It was Thursday supper that I had my last meal and I was really looking forward to eating FOOD again, although I wasn’t really hungry this morning. Apples really fill you up and I can see how eating an apple instead of a meal (lunch or snack) when you are on a diet will help you lose weight.

On Saturday my kidneys were sore, but by Sunday the pain had eased and I felt more energized, more so than I have felt in months. I weighed myself last night and I had lost about 6 lbs, but I’m sure that I will gain that back quickly, once I start eating again.

Taking the Olive Oil was kind of a shocker, but it went down without a real problem… It didn’t take long before I had mild bowel cramps and my first bowel movement since Friday and then shortly afterwards, my second. (Probably more info than you want to know) 🙂 Anyway. that is the update on my cleanse, in case you wanted to know how it went.


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