Post 562 Man in coma, fully conscious but totally paralyzed

Conscious but paralysed: Belgian 'coma' case not unique

Josephine Nicolaas-Houben, mother of Rom Houben, giving him something to drink. Houben, a Belgian man thought to have been in a coma for 23 years has told of his 'second birth' after doctors realized he was in fact conscious. The story revives the debate on care for those considered in a vegetative state, with the astonishing case far from unique according to a recent study. Photo:Michel Krakowski/AFP

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Makes you wonder about people that are medically considered dead and are kept on life support so that their organs can be harvested, keeping the heart until last, as blood is needed to keep the other organs alive. The only reason that doctors are harvesting the organs is because they are still ALIVE, if they weren't “alive” there would be no RUSH to transplant them.

Doing an autopsy or harvesting organs would be similar to what this man experienced, of being conscious and aware, but not having the means to communicate. Being cut and disemboweled while alive has got to be the most terrifying and excruciating painful experience that a person can experience.

The old ritual of leaving the body intact and waiting for three to five days before burial is for a good reason, as it takes that long for the Soul essence to leave the last parts of the Body that then begins to decay and return to the elements that it was composed of. It’s then and only then that a Body can be compassionately laid to rest.

There are also stories of people that have received organ transplants that have had memories and emotions of the organ doner. If the person from which the organ was taken was truly dead, then there would be no mental or emotional essence attached to the organ.

Food for thought.


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