Post 566 Feeling fine, then being sick the next moment

‘09 Dec 05 Saturday I exercised this morning and then had breakfast and I was feeling good, but by 10:00 am I felt “off” so I lay down on my bed, and turned on the TV. The feeling of being “off” soon turned to a feeling of going to be sick to my stomach. I lay there trying to figure out what I had eaten that was disagreeing with me and I thought of breakfast, but all I had was pancakes and a couple of cups of coffee. Within a few seconds I had the feeling I was going to get sick so I made my way to the bathroom. No sooner had I knelt before the white throne, when I began vomiting, and after 4 or 5 releases it was all over, and I immediately felt fine again.

During the rest of the day I felt okay most of the time, but there were moments were I felt off, but I wasn’t sick. I had a normal supper but about two hours later I felt bloated and sluggish, but that only lasted a few minutes. That night I also had a slight headache and sore neck and at times I felt cold and clammy. I wonder what is going on, and if I am coming down with something?


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