Post 567 Vision corrected – New Lens

’09 Dec 07 Yesterday I took it easy and I felt good enough to go for a walk in the afternoon. It was sunny but cool, around 32F/0C and the slight breeze made it feel cooler.
I’ve been wearing my new glasses for a couple of weeks, but I have not been happy with them. The trouble is that my dominant eye is my right eye as that is the one that focuses on a target.I found that my right eye was not focused clearly and when it’s not clear, then my left eye tries to compensate as it can see clearly, and so the result of the two is a slightly blurred vision. I also found that I had to turn my head to see clearly, and not merely move my eyes to focus on an object. I especially noticed it when I was driving and trying to look out my right side mirror.

I had gone back to see my optometrist a week ago and he re-examined my eyes and changed the prescription for my right eye as that was the one I was having trouble with. Today at 3:30 I got a call that my lens was in, and I went down to get it installed in my new glasses.

What a difference! Immediately I noticed a clarity in my vision and I felt more balanced and centered. I also had a better depth of field and motion was no longer making me feel unbalanced. It will still get a bit of getting used to, but I feel I can handle that now.


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