Post 569 Society’s sham and common denial

09 Dec 12 As I was shopping at the grocery store I was noticing how people greeted each other, and that the biggest common denial that we have as society, in our interactions with one another, is evident in our very first greetings and responses. Before we even get into any other dialogue, we begin our conversation with a sham, with comments like;

Person #1 “Hi, how are you?”
Person #2 “Fine, and you?” (Denial)
Person #1 “Oh fine, couldn’t be better, thanks for asking!” (Denial)
Person # 1 & Person # 2 Blah, blah, blah….

And so the denials continue as one denial leads to another. All that is really discussed and communicated is what I call “shit chat,” conversation that has no real value or substance and is just a common social formality of being a NICE person. No one really feels comfortable expressing what they are really thinking or feeling anymore then they want to hear what the other person is really thinking and feeling, (especially if it is negative) and so instead, they both play the denial game and pretend that the world and their life is perfect.

How can we call this REAL life if all that we do is PRETEND?

Food for thought,

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