Post 571 Kidney Infection

’09 Dec 17 for the past couple of weeks I’ve been feeling good and bad. It’s like I’m fighting something off, and it’s a see-saw battle. On the past weekend I had lower back pains and then I began feeling pain in my kidneys, so I think I have a kidney infection as the pain has been getting worse and whenever I move my lower body I get a sharp, breath catching pain. Even walking is painful as the muscles in my lower back move and rub against my inflamed kidneys.

I had been taking chewable Echinacea for the past month or so, but I was cutting back as I was getting heartburn and I didn’t know if it was the Echinacea, morning coffee, multi-vitamin, or a combination. When I noticed the pain in my kidneys was moving down to my bladder, I went out and bought my old brand of Echinacea and have been taking a concentrated dose and it seems to be working as the pain is subsiding.

The last time I had a kidney infection was in 2005 when I was living in the Maritimes and it was bad as it even affected my manhood. That episode was no fun and games and I sure don’t want a repeat experience. With that experience, I kept putting off getting help as I had no family doctor. Finally, when I was barely able to walk, my landlord suggested that I go to the emergency ward and after spending most of the day in the WAITING rooms (10:00 am to 7:50 pm) and a 5 minute examination, I was given a prescription drug (Sulfameth/Trimeth DS). That drug helped, but didn’t cure the problem as two weeks later it was back and I went to another clinic and was given (Ciprofloxacine Hydrochloride). that drug worked much better. After that prescription was finished, I began taking Echinacea for a few weeks to boost my immune system and like I said, I’ve never had a problem until now.


PS: While that is the outer problem or issue, the underlying inner cause is what I need to address. In this case, what am I pissed off about?

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