Post 574 Not Kidneys but a Muscular/Skeleton issue

December 21 Monday 10:00 am I just called my doctor and was told by the receptionist to go to the clinic tonight as there were no openings and she couldn’t see me. A few minutes later the receptionist called me and asked me to come in four 11:30 a.m. I saw the doctor around 1:30 and after a brief examination she said that she thought that my problem was a skeleton/muscular condition and not a kidney infection. She had her receptionist make an appointment for me at the hospital to get an ultra sound and x-rays if needed, and to also do some blood work for the end of January..

Tonight I was thinking about what the doctor had said and I decided to measure my height. I was stunned to see that I was one inch shorter than I was a couple of years ago. That would account for my aches and pains in my lower back and would also explain the pressure I feel on my kidneys as they are being compressed into a smaller space. Also a running down through the spine is the spinal cord and if it’s being pinched or compressed then any nerves that are feeding the muscles and organs will also feel pain.

Also if I’m losing bone mass in my spine, then I’m also losing it in the rest of my body. Other changes I’ve noticed is in muscle strength, as well as my body reflexes and senses and my recent issues with my eyes would also fall into this category.


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