Post 579 Thoughts on Life and Death

’09 Jan 01 7:51 pm I had an Epsom salts bath tonight and during my soak, I had the thought that people who value “life” based on what they will lose when they die, don’t value life, but death, and their denied fear of death. Those who value life are grateful for what they have, and will experience, but… the old proverbial but… we can’t be in that space until we have healed all our issues that cause us to think otherwise, and just saying that we are grateful doesn’t mean that we are.

Of course there is always the case to be stated that we are Spiritual beings and that we are immortal, but dying a physical death is not an example of our immortality put into practice. Death is not a “natural” part of life, as anyone or anything that desires life, does not seek death.

Hummm? As I’m writing this post I flashed to an old message I got a few years ago, that
“To know what love is, we need to know what love is not.”

As I typed that, I got that,
“To know what life is, we need to know what life is not… Death.”

I don’t know where this is going, but I thought I would share it as I’m sure that it will be relevant to what is to come.

Food for thought.

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