Post 580 Life, death, Body and shape-shifting

’09 Jan 03 9:39 am Sunday. I feel we have misinterpreted the idea and belief that our physical body is just a temporary home for our Spirit and Soul, and that death of the physical body is a natural process and progression of life. I feel that our human body is not meant to die as a means to end our Earthy incarnation and experiences, but rather that our stay on the earth plane with our physical body is what is temporary. By that I mean that instead of dying a physical death, I feel that in the future, we will be able to take our physical body (healed and youthful) with us when we decide our earthly sojourn is complete. It is then that we choose to visit another realm of existence. Not to say that we have to remain in human form, if that form is not conducive to the experience we desire. I feel that we have the ability to change form (shape shift) from one form to another, and I also feel we can do that here on the earth plane if we desire. Now just how we do that is a mystery to me at this moment, but I feel that that is part of what I am working on at this time.



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