Post 582 Right Use of Will and Chicken Little

I’ve removed myself from the RUoW Group on Tribe several months ago, but I still pop over to see what is happening, and not to my surprise, it’s SSDD (Same Shit Different Day) I continue to notice that there is still ignorance and confusion among those following the Right Use of Will Material (some for over 20 years) in that they think that by expressing their thoughts and emotions they are feeling in the moment, that they are being real and genuine and that that expression is healing the Emotional Body. Unfortunately, they couldn’t be further from the truth, as what they are expressing are judgments and false emotions that are in alignment with their judgments. This form of expression is not healing or serving any purpose except in having them go in circles and feel that no matter how much they express themselves, that nothing changes or helps, and that healing is impossible, and yes, if they continue as they are, then that realization will become a truth.

It’s also been my experience that no matter what anyone says or does, that they will continue to refuse to get off their frozen point-of-view. Not only do they need to be willing to see another point-of-view, they must also be willing to openly explore it. The form of judgment and emotional expression that they are doing reminds me of the fable of Chicken Little. There are many versions of the story, and while the outcomes vary, the beginnings are all similar. The fable begins with Chicken Little eating lunch under a tree, and because an acorn falls on her head, she believes the sky is falling. Being confused and activated, she re-acts to the experience and decides to tell the King of her concern and truth. On her journey she meets and persuades other like minded animals who blindly join her in the quest.

As stated, there are various outcomes to the story, but the point that I am trying to present is merely to show that what you think and feel when activated, is not necessarily the truth. While you may adamantly believe that what is happening is real and valid, and that the thoughts and feelings that you are expressing in the moment are also valid and accurate, you need to go beyond what your imprints, programs and beliefs state is the truth, in order to find out what is real and the truth. Feeling that you are a victim in the present moment means that you have given your power away in the past, either by being over-powered and having no choice, or by willingly giving it away. Finding the original cause of your imprints, programs and beliefs and healing them is what will change your preception of reality. The sky will no longer be falling down as you will now recognize the truth of what is happening, and you will respond to it instead of re-acting to it as you did in the past..


Note: The author of Right Use Of Will is not involved with, nor does she endorse the RUoW group on Tribe, or my comments on this Blog.

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