Post 586 Marian broke her right arm

’10 Jan 10 3:15 pm Sunday. This morning I was in the downstairs bathroom when I heard a loud thump upstairs and then Marian screaming in pain. I went upstairs and found her lying on the floor just outside the upstairs bathroom. She said that she had just gotten clean sheets from the closet to make her bed and was on the way to her bedroom when she stepped on, and slipped on the dog’s plastic bone that was laying on the hardwood floor. She said that she fell against the bathroom door frame and then onto the floor.

She was writhing in pain as I helped her up. I helped her get dressed and then I took her to the emergency ward at the hospital where after a wait, exam and x-rays (three hours) they determined that she had broken her right arm humerus bone near her shoulder socket. They decided to put her arm in a sling as they felt that that was the best way to heal that break. I drove her home and then went to pick up her prescription for pain pills as well as some groceries.

As I’m writing this I’m thinking that her new car has a standard transmission and so she will be out of commission for a couple of months because she won’t be able to shift gears with her right hand, meaning that I’m going to have to be her taxi. I don’t know how that’s going to work out as she does a lot of running around.

As I wrote that I just thought of when we got married and that while she had her drivers license, she didn’t know how to drive a standard transmission car and that everywhere she want to go, I had to be her taxi to take her there and then pick her up. Many times, I offered to teach her how to drive a standard, but she refused. Finally after a few months, I put my foot down and said that I wasn’t going to be her taxi anymore and that if she wanted to go somewhere, that she would have to drive the car herself, walk or take the bus. A few days later she asked me to teach her, and within a week she was on her own. It’s funny but after that, any car that we bought had to be a standard, as that is what she liked to drive.


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