Post 587 Surgery after one week of pain and suffering

’10 Jan 16 This past week has gone quickly as I have been ferrying Marian back and forth to the hospital, as well as running errands and doing things for her around the house, including looking after the dog. She is going into the hospital tomorrow to have a operation to install a plate to help mend her broken arm.

It’s been a real fiasco as at first they just put her arm in a simple cloth sling and it was to heal that way. In my mind, the sling was not the proper sling, but the doctor said it was OK for her arm. To make matters worse, the pain killer that she was on the first couple of days, made her sick and she couldn’t eat anything. On Monday she had to see the orthopedist and he had her come in the next day, Tuesday, for x-rays, and then determined that she had to have surgery. She then had to go back to the hospital on Wednesday and fill out consent forms, and have a battery of tests that lasted from 11:00 am to 5:30 pm. At that time, they also scheduled her for surgery sometime on Sunday. Yesterday she called them and was told that her surgery was scheduled for 9:00 am tomorrow Sunday. It will be a whole week since her accident, that they will finally set her broken arm. Unbelievable incompetence!!!!

I was talking with her today and she said that if she would have know that this would happen, she would have gone to the city of London Hospital emergency department instead of the Woodstock General Hospital .So all week, she has been on pain killers, with a broken arm in a sling that is not healing, but I assume that by now, it has been trying to heal. How the bone will mend now is a question mark in my mind as I don’t feel that it can be joined in a manner that it could have had it been operated on a week ago. I guess she’ll just have to wait and see what happens.


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