Post 588 Judgments, arrogance and ignorance

I was at the grocery store and overheard a religious conversation that got me thinking of how people’s viewpoints can become so clouded by judgments. I thought of religion and how the Catholics (as an example) want to convert everyone to Catholicism, and that if a Muslim or any other religious person gives up their religious views and beliefs and takes on Catholicism, then it’s a celebration “Halleluiah,”, praise the Lord, another sinner has been saved. BUT, the old proverbial but again, if a Catholic was to denounce their faith, and follow say the Muslin religion, then the same people whose judgment was that a sinner was saved, would now judge that the person was a sinner and a lost soul to burn in hell. The mind boggling arrogance and ignorance of those so blinded by their religious beliefs that they can’t see it for what it is, a belief, a thought, an idea, and that it has nothing to do with ones Spirituality and essence.

While I used religion as an example, people also get caught in the same way with politics, race, language, social groups, clubs, sports, or anything that gives them a sense of identity, purpose and a feeling of belonging. It’s these judgments of right and wrong that keep people trapped in an endless cycle, with no winner, but all losers.


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