Post 593 How do you kill something that is not alive?

’10 Jan 30 2:27 am DREAM
In the dream a woman was being attacked by a man in a car. He had pulled a knife on her and in the struggle she managed to get free and out of the car. They continued to fight and in the shuffle, she hits him and he drops the knife. She quickly picks it up and when he comes at her again, she lashes out and manages to cut him. He stops momentarily in disbelief, and then comes at her with a renewed rage. In that moment she also rages and flings herself at her attacker, cutting him again and again. Weakened by the cuts, his attack slows, but he continues to come toward her. She then begins to make long vertical cuts up and down his abdomen and chest. He is still on his feet and going for her as she then begins to slash at him in horizontal swipes, cutting him to pieces. The man finally drops to the ground, and when her rage subsides, she collects herself and makes her way to the other side of the car where she rests for a few moments. Just when she thinks that it’s all over, she hears a noise coming from the other side of the car, and then it sounds like something is crawling under the car towards her.

She begins to back up as this thing emerges. It’s the man, but he has been transformed. Now he has very small legs, arms, and body, but his head is huge and it is no longer a human head but more like a tyrannosaurus rex, with two large protruding eyes and a huge mouth and fangs like a snake. It crawled toward her on all fours, snarling and growling at her.

She stabs at it again and again, but this time the knife doesn’t have any effect on it as it’s massive head is so boney. In shock, she realizes that what is coming at her is not alive. I heard her scream, "How do you kill something that is not alive?" I then heard another voice say, "Cut off its head." I woke up…

I haven’t had a dream like that for a while. I’m still trying to figure out what it means. If any of you have any ideas, I’d like to hear them. I wonder if it was the apples that had an influence.


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