Post 598 Truth – Guilt & Shame

There are infinite versions of the truth but there is only one truth that does not incorporate someome form of denial, and while the truth expands and evolves it does so without being in a state of denial. What is generally presented as truth, is most often a judgment or belief that has denial present, whether it be conscious and deliberate, or unconscious and buried in our respective subconscious imprints, programs, and beliefs.

While other people can try to lay guilt and shame on you to try to get you to do, or say, what they want you to do or say, guilt and shame have no hold on you unless there is something that you have done or said in the past, that guilt and shame can use against you. Something unresolved, some little secret that lies tucked away inside you, because you are afraid of the consequences, should it be found and disclosed.You fear that it will be used against you, to control and manipulate you, and so you hide the truth, and live with guilt and shame. When another activates you, it is at that moment that the guilt that already has a hold on you because of your denials, comes to the surface to further suppress any real emotional expression that would not only release the guilt and shame, but also the resolve the underlying issues.


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