Post 599 The Voice of Conscience and Guilt

When people talk about having a guilty conscience, they are confused between the voice of Conscience and that of guilt as they think they are one and the same. The small voice of Conscience is your Will, that consciousness, awareness, feeling, intuition and knowing, that says that what you are doing or saying is not loving to yourself or others. It is that small voice that speaks to your Mind just prior to the moment, or in the moment of the experience, and it is in that moment, that split second, that you have a choice to make.

Guilt on the other hand, is always after the fact. It is on you with the should's, could's, what if's, why didn't you, etc. etc.. Guilt always throws up the fact that your Will (feeling, intuition and knowing) was telling you that something was wrong, but that you denied it, and it uses that to berate and belittle you. Guilt is also quick to do the reverse, in that if you choose to listen to your Will, guilt will try to discourage you from doing so. Guilt is merciless and relentless as all that it wants to do is to suppress any free expression of the Will.

If your rage was involved in the original experience, then denied rage will also make his presence known along with guilt and shame to send you even deeper into self-hatred and denial of you Will. Denied rage, guilt and shame will also try to set up rules and conditions (judgments and beliefs) in your Mind so that this experience will never happen again, or that the next time, you will be prepared.

While most guilt is turned inward, if there is resistance to it internally it will try to move outward if it feels that there is acceptance for it, and it will attack the other person, or persons involved. Denied rage is also involved in that it either blames the self or others for what happened. Blaming others is an attempt by the "altered" Mind to deflect the guilt and shame away from it, and to what it believes is the cause of its problems.


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