Post 600 Windows 7 Home Premium – not impressed!

2010 Feb 04 12:13 a.m. I'm frustrated with my new Netbbook, not that the Netbook is the problem, but it's Windows 7 that I'm having a problem with. It's not only a learning curve but also a few of my old windows XP programs won't run on it, like Dragon Naturally Speaking. What I have found is that to make my windows XP programs compatible with Windows 7. I either need to upgrade to Windows 7 Pro, or update my old windows XP programs to the new ones that will run on Windows 7. In either case, it means having to spend more money to buy new software. What a scam and gouge by Microsoft in that they supply the most popular software Windows Home Premium without the ability to run some windows XP programs, while they make that option available on the you guessed it, the higher priced upgrades.

While some things are the same in windows XP and Windows 7, there are some new things in Windows 7 that are not only confusing, but downright stupid. While the control panel is basically the same in both, the applications within them have been changed. For instance, if you want to change your background or screen saver, you can't simply click on display and change your settings, you now have to go into your local disk C – Windows program, and then click on "Web" to open your "background images". Going into your local C-drive, is not a good thing unless you know what you are doing because you can really affect your Windows operation by changing or deleting a program or function. It's beyond me as to why such a common thing as changing your background and screensaver, gets to be so complicated and potentially dangerous to your operating system. Is this simply a problem where computer geeks and management are ignorant and lack know how, practical experience and common sense, or is it just plain indifference all around.

Another thing is that in windows XP, Windows Explorer was found under Accessories, and was a "tool" used to get into your local disk C-drive and computer programs. In Windows 7, you now open what is called "Windows Explorer" when you right-click on the Start Menu, but it brings up something new called "Libraries" which contains your Documents, Music, Pictures, and Video files. Another stupid thing is that when you right click on the Start Menu, they have a useless link to "Properties" that could easily be handled under "Display", because all that it does is little more than change your font size from 100% to 200% in increments of 25%. Whoopie shit! As if that was sooooooo important that it needed to be on the Start Menu!

These are just a few of the issues I have found with Microsoft and Windows 7. I missed having to deal with Vista, but if some of these idiot-synchronicities are a carry-over from Vista, I can see why Vista was a flop. I'm not opposed to change, but just to change for the sake of change, propelled by greed for power and MONEY, well that pisses me off.


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