Post 601 Issues of Feeling Good and Self-Abuse

As Marian begins to physically feel better and her broken arm mends, she's back to doing what she wants to do that makes her feel even better. She doesn't give her body time to rest and heal, and then, when her body gives out to the stress and strain put on it, she's immediately looking for a quick fix (a prescription) to make the pain go away, or for others (me) to help her so that she can feel good again and be able to do what she wants. I had a chat with her and stated that she is abusing herself, her body and that when her body can't take it, she expects me and others to jump up and help her. I told her that if she can't help [love] herself enough to care for herself, to let her body heal, then to not expect me to have any sympathy for her, or to help her get her quick fix.

Even though she is tired and her broken arm is sore, the issue started with her not only going back to her part-time job, but also volunteering for extra work. When she isn't working, she's getting her hair done as well as her finger and toe nails and shopping for new clothes. She's also going out for coffee and other social functions with her friends. I've helped her cut her finger and toe nails, washed her hair and did her shopping, but instead of taking it easy and doing things that she is capable of doing, and resting when she is sore or tired, she does things that she feels are important and necessary that make her feel good. She pushes herself to the extent that she is drained and exhausted and then she gets sick, and has to spend the next couple of days in bed, only getting up to go to the bathroom or to get something to eat.


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