Post 603 Dream – Gray Wolf

2010 Feb 13 2:57 a.m. Dream: It was late summer, early fall and me and another man were walking through the woods of what I would consider to be the Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Pennsylvania area of the United States. I'd say the time period was the late 1700's as we still used long rifles with ball and powder. The dream scene reminded me the Daniel Boone era and I feel that the other person with me was an Indian. We were making our way through some thick underbrush when something caught the sleeve of my right arm buckskin jacket. I thought it was a broken branch, but when I looked down, I saw that it was a large gray wolf. It wasn't like he was attacking me, only playing with me, or getting my attention because as soon as I noticed him, he let go and disappeared into the thicket.

As we journeyed through the woods and meadows, he played with me that way several times and as time went on, he became friendlier and didn't bite, or run when I reached down to pet him. He was healthy and bright eyed and had a magnificent gray coat. He didn't smell and he only shed a couple hairs when I petted him. I called him Gray Wolf.

My partner and I were on the lookout for game as we were getting hungry when I noticed Gray Wolf returning with something in his mouth. It was a large rabbit he had caught. He dropped it at my feet and I knew it was meant for us. I cleaned it and we cooked it over an open fire as Gray Wolf sat silently, curiously watching us. I tossed him the remains of the rabbit thigh bone and he cautiously smelled it and then gnawed it, uttering his approval of the cooked rabbit with a low, yawn type growl, followed by the licking of his lips.

As time went on we didn't have to do any hunting as he provided us with rabbit, squirrel, grouse, pheasant, etc.. It was interesting as we also learned new ways to find and catch game as we watched him hunt. While he provided food for us, he also provided for himself. He became a constant traveling companion, sometimes going off on his own or walking slightly ahead of us, as if showing us a path. Other times, he'd walk by my side. On cool nights, when we slept by an open fire, he would come into camp and curl up against my back. While he was friendly with my partner it was me that he focused on, and there was a deep bond of trust growing between us.

When I awoke from the dream, I felt that his presence near me. I then remembered that during a meditation a few years ago, that Gray Wolf was one of my animal totems and guides. I feel that he has come back to me now to help me on the next part of my journey.


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