Post 605 Doctors visit –Kidneys and Parapelvic Cysts

Before Xmas, Post 574 Not Kidneys but a Muscular/Skeleton issue I saw my family doctor regarding what I thought was a kidney infection. At the time, she thought it was a muscular skeletal issue, but to be sure, she made arrangements for me to have blood work and some ultra sound scans done on my kidneys. I felt her diagnosis was accurate as a about a week after seeing her, my kidneys felt fine, as did my back. Wanting to know if there was anything wrong, I followed though with my appointments. On Feb 15, I saw my family doctor and she said that the blood tests were normal, but that I had a parapelvic cyst on both my kidneys that were about 1.5cm in size. She said they were normal as people get older, but that she will keep an eye on them.

During our meeting I also showed her a couple of spots on my skin that I was concerned about, as a brother and sister have had minor surgery to remove skin cancer. Why I was concerned was because at times, these spots were either itchy or slightly sore to the touch. I told her that a couple of weeks ago, a mole on the back of my left arm was not only causing me more discomfort, but I noticed that it was also getting bigger. I decided to treat it with Tea Tree Oil. What I did was that after I had my shower, I applied tea tree oil to the mole and I also put some on a Band-Aid that I then applied over the mole. I left the Band-Aid on until I had a shower the next day. I did that for two days and on the third day, I noticed that the mole had turned to a crusty scab and was falling off. The mole has dried up and is no longer itchy or sensitive to the touch, and has basically receded to three small spots.

There is another spot on my leg that she is concerned about that she will be watching. I’ve been scheduled for my annual physical on April 29, so I'll see what happens then.

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